June 22, 2024

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Christmas party despite being locked out – Boris Johnson under pressure – News


For a week now, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been breaking the patience of the British people and setting new standards based on logic.

The question that worries the nation is very simple: Dozens of government employees were having a party on Downing StreetWhen was London locked? At a time when the British were not allowed to see their relatives in the hospital even if they died?

Party? Not with us

Boris Johnson told parliament yesterday that he did not know exactly what was going on in Downing Street at the time, but that it was certainly not against the rules. He asked if anyone knew anything about a party.

Nevertheless, a government spokesman had to announce his resignation in tears yesterday. For something that never happened. But by the time the confused citizen now understood exactly what play was being staged again, the logic was once again difficult.

The Prime Minister announced in the evening that Plan B would come into force. Due to the new Govt variant, Englishmen will have to work with their laptops again between breakfast and homework for the children from next Monday. At the same time, the Prime Minister warned the British not to skip corporate celebrations and Christmas celebrations.

“Don’t go to the office, but definitely to the party” is the confusing message created by the catering industry. Many now doubt the efficiency and seriousness of the honorable government. Some MPs suspect that the new Govt move is simply a hoax, so that the unfortunate Christmas party affair can finally be forgotten.

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Confidence in Johnson is declining

But for once, it may take longer to forget. Because it is not yet clear exactly what happened a year ago in the middle of the lock behind the black-polished door of 10 Downing Street. Because now there will be an official inquiry into what happened, and the opposition will bite the case to find out if Boris Johnson lied again.

Even conservative MPs are slowly but surely losing patience. Now it does not matter who drank and made inappropriate jokes on the doorstep of the government seat.

Many conservatives, however, note that Prime Minister Johnson’s most important asset is shrinking: his moral authority and British faith. Sooner or later it marks the end of the feast.

Patrick Wolser

Great Britain Reporter, SRF

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Patrik Wülser has been the SRF’s UK correspondent in London since the end of 2019. Wolsher was an African correspondent from 2011 to 2017 and lived with his family in Nairobi. He later chaired the overseas editorial board at Radio SRF in Bern.