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Australia: 11-year-old girl wants to retire on CHF 85,000 a month

Australia: 11-year-old girl wants to retire on CHF 85,000 a month


An 11-year-old girl wants to retire because she earns CHF 85,000 a month

During the Corona Pandemic, she actually made money: We are talking about Pixie Curtis, an eleven-year-old Australian who runs an online business.


Pixie Curtis quit her job at the age of eleven.

Instagram Pixiecurtis

  • Eleven-year-old Pixie earns a lot of money with her online store.

  • But now she has quit her job.

  • She now wants to focus on high school.

At the age of eleven, she already had a Mercedes in front of the garage. Eleven-year-old Australian Pixie Curtis competed during the competition Corona-epidemic In an online store she sells bows, hairbands and fidget spinners, which are very popular among young people. And with great success: Pixie was to earn 85,000 francs a month. That’s why she wants to retire now at eleven.

His manager, his mother, told the Australian News website News.com.au. Roxy Jasenko explains: “Pixie decided to give up her online store and focus on starting high school.” In the first month, the eleven-year-old girl reportedly earned around 130,000 francs from her online store. According to Amma, he could have retired as a millionaire at the age of 15, but that time came earlier than expected.

Own a Mercedes G-Class

“Over the past few months we have been discussing future business plans as a family and have decided that although this journey that began three years ago has been amazing, it is time to focus on high school,” mom Roxy added.

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But what does an eleven-year-old boy do with so much money? Of course, he buys a Mercedes G-Class, which costs around 120,000 francs. For his eleventh birthday, the family chose a “night club” theme, with the party reportedly costing around 25,000 francs. A fire breather, DJs, stylists, firecrackers and two zebras added to the entertainment.

It’s no coincidence that the eleven-year-old pixie became so successful in her online business. Her mother is unknown in Australia, she works in PR there. In 2013, she appeared on the third season of The Celebrity Apprentice Australia, where she finished second.

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