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At least two people have been killed after a plane crashed into a residential building in the United States

At least two people have been killed after a plane crashed into a residential building in the United States

12.10.2021, 01:5012.10.2021, 07:29

When a small plane crashed into two apartment buildings in a small town near San Diego in the US state of California At least two people around Life Came. Two people were hospitalized Monday and their condition is unknown, Sandy City Council wrote Facebook.

A delivery truck and a hydrant were also attacked. It is not yet known how many people were in the twin-engine Cessna. Immediately the power went out nearby.

According to NBC7, the UPS package delivery service employee was one of the victims. The plane was en route from Yuma in Arizona to San Diego. There were problems with the engine, and the pilot tried to land in a field near a high school. Justin Matsushita, deputy head of the Shanti Fire Department, said no more deaths were known. The scenery is horrible. At least two houses were destroyed and emergency services tried to protect other buildings. The other two or three houses were damaged.

A large fire with intense smoke growth was seen in the photos. The video, recorded from the air by emergency services, covers the collapse of two houses, foam and the wreckage of a broken plane. Dozens of people were standing around the crash site. A local told NBC 7 about the crash: “I felt like someone fell in my garage,” Lily Patch said.

According to the broadcaster, the nearby crash was not the first in Sandy. Two persons and one person three years ago Dog Died in the plane crash in the city. (Saw / sda / dpa)

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