June 22, 2024

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5 dead after boat capsizes after hitting whale in New Zealand

Marine mammal boat overturned

5 killed in whale attack in New Zealand

A boat collides with a whale in New Zealand. The ship capsized. According to the police, five people died in this “unprecedented” accident.


Five people on board a boat were killed in a collision with a whale in New Zealand on Saturday.

Five people died on a boat after a suspected “collision” with a whale in Kaikoura, New Zealand on Saturday. Six of the overturned passengers were rescued, and only police divers like him managed to rescue five dead. “New Zealand Herald” reported.

Police spoke of the “unprecedented” and “tragic” accident, which, according to local authorities, may have been caused by a whale. A marine mammal reportedly overturned the boat. Mayor of the seaside town of Kaikoura, Craig Maclay, spoke of a “capsulated boat” that was overturned by a whale “from below”.

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