May 26, 2024

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Amy wants to shoot a robber and accidentally kills a colleague († 16)

An American restaurant employee wants to stop a robber. He killed a colleague with his missed shot. It turns out: she is the accomplice of the offender.

Briefly essentials

  • Robbery at a burger shop in Wisconsin (USA) ends in the death of an employee.
  • When a robber enters a restaurant, a coworker pulls out his pistol and pulls the trigger.
  • However, instead of the culprit, he catches the 16-year-old employee.

A missed shot goes to Wisconsin, USA Dot An employee A burger place. Everything sounds like robbery-murder.

A gunman strikes a drive-in counter Restaurants. The shooting took place and 16-year-old cashier Nisha Harris-Brazil was killed. Surveillance pictures show what actually happened.

Derrick Ellis, an accomplice of the dead woman, pulled out a pistol after the robbery. The 34-year-old starts firing at the robber. Ellis missed his target – he attacked his co-worker.

After the rescue attempt failed, he panicked and picked up two handguns from the ground. And runs – like a robber – away.

Police investigation reveals: robber Dad Nisha’s friend. She also works in a restaurant. At trial, she admitted that she was Dad And Niasha († 16) planned to rob the three together.

Death Marxman Ellis must now make progress Court Responsible for manslaughter. However, the 41-year-old robber For murder Accused – although he did not shoot himself.

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