July 20, 2024

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According to the CIA, Putin fears defeat

According to the CIA, Putin fears defeat

According to the CIA, Vladimir Putin believes that Ukraine can not lose the war.

Briefly essential

  • The CIA fears that Putin will fail in Ukraine.
  • But Director Burns showed no signs of using nuclear weapons

Concerned about the defeat in the Ukraine war, Putin is currently intensifying his military operations. However, there are no signs of that Kremlin– Leadership planning for the use of tactical nuclear weapons, Said CIA Director William Burns At the Financial Times event on Saturday.

Despite the failure of Russian forces to capture Kiev and the difficulty of advancing along the main line in the southeastern Donbass, Putin continues to hope that his troops will defeat the Ukrainians. Army Can be defeated, said Burns. Putin’s confidence in the Russian military’s ability to quell Ukrainian opposition is unlikely to falter.

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“I think he’s in a mood not to think he’s invincible,” Burns said. Putin has been roasting in Ukraine for years In a very explosive mix of “resentment, ambition and insecurity.” Will be present KremlinThe employer still “firmly believes that further progress can be made by intensifying funding”.

However, the CIA chief said there was no indication to the US and other Western intelligence services that Moscow was ready to use tactical nuclear weapons against Ukraine or its supporters.

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