July 20, 2024

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A view of the dirty suburbs of Kiev

The killers came in the middle of the night – making a great noise. Galina Lohinova (70) first thought there was a military parade in the street in front of her house. But then the explosion became louder, the earth shook, the neighboring houses suddenly burst into flames, and people screamed. His son-in-law entered the bedroom and took Galina Lohinova out of town. Many of their neighbors were less fortunate. They died in their homes, burned to death in broken barricades.

Lohinova bites her golden cross and stares blankly down Borodianka Street, where charred ruins stand left and right. “Why did the Russians come here? We didn’t do anything,” he says. On the floor in front of her are four tubs of small, sour apples. That’s all Galina Lohinova left to earn a few hryvnias.