May 21, 2024

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Half a million Russians have already been drafted

Extrapolation exposes Putin’s lie

Many Russians were actually conscripted

About a month ago, Putin announced partial mobilization to supply supplies to the front. 300,000 to be recruited. But the number is likely to be much higher. This is revealed by the number of sudden marriages.


Nearly half a million Russians have been openly called up since mobilization was announced. Forced scenes from Moscow in pictures.

Putin’s announcement of the mobilization about a month ago made waves domestically. There were protests and protests by Russians who fled abroad in fear of the front. In addition, unusual searches on Google increased. “How do you break a hand?” and “How do I leave Russia now?” They studied, for example.

Apparently, enough reservations have been drafted now. Kremlin boss Putin said a few days ago that no further mobilization was planned. He sees no need for this in the “foreseeable future”. So far, 222,000 reservists have been called to arms, and the target number of 300,000 will be reached in two weeks.