July 24, 2024

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A friend from the hairdresser arrives and Maya bursts into tears


Hairdressing dramaA friend from the hairdresser arrives and Maya bursts into tears

Almost everyone has come back from the hairdresser dissatisfied. But what if you have a partner who doesn’t like the new cut? There is currently a debate going on in Tik Tok.

Malin Mueller

Your partner comes back from the hairdresser – and the drama begins? At least that’s how it went for Maya.zr: The TikToker filmed herself with tears running down her face after her boyfriend dared her to get a razor-short buzzcut before the holidays. If you’re wondering what the friend in question looks like now: unfortunately, you won’t find out in the video or in Maya’s other clips.

But you can hear the discussion between the two. Maya’s friend holding the camera asks her why she is so angry. You may have already heard her answer from your parents: “I’m not mad. I’m just disappointed.”

Discuss in the comments

Because of the reaction, a heated discussion started under the clip, which has now accumulated 5.5 million views: “I will break up with her or definitely talk about it… If he wants to do a buzzcut, he should do it! ” , one comment reads, “His body , his conclusion. You are an independent person, even in a relationship,” says another, who thinks Maya is exaggerating.

But some people are on their side: “I feel it! He should stay home and my best friend should go with him.” One user wrote, “I don’t like this cut.” You can also read comments like “I’d cry too” and “No more good vacation photos.” .

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Celebrity buzz

The buzzcut clearly divides opinion – it’s been one of the best hairstyle trends for years and is popular with famous men. Click through the gallery above to see who tried Buzzcut.

How do you like the cut and how do you think Maya reacted?

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