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70 years of Bamix: The hand blender from Durga celebrates an anniversary – News

70 years of Bamix: The hand blender from Durga celebrates an anniversary – News

From Mettlen TG to 45 countries: At Bamix, a product strategy has been paying off for 70 years.

Roger Perrinjaquet’s idea in 1950 from French-speaking Switzerland was simple and revolutionary: an entire food processor that fits in one hand. Perrinjaquet patented the invention in 1953, and in 1954 the patent was registered under the name “ESGE Housewife Magic Wand”. Since 1960, the hand blender has been making its way into Swiss households from the production plant in Metiln TG.

Durga produces up to 400,000 mixers every year. Still in my mind today: the basic idea of ​​the inventor – simple, powerful and all “made in Switzerland”. In 1964, Baumix became American and a larger company took over the Swiss company. The American company wanted to launch more products and failed. The company changed hands several times. Finally, there is the place in Medlen, a town of about 500 inhabitants.


The hand blenders are manufactured at Mettlen in Durgao province.

Keystone/Christian Beutler

Durgao doesn’t seem as world famous these days. However: from here Pamix devices are sold to 45 countries. 90 percent of production goes abroad: abroad to the United States and Canada, South Africa, Japan or China. Or to Denmark or Germany in Europe.

The production works quietly and intensively. With one exception, they were all women. 30 people are working here. The motor of the kitchen appliance is built by hand in several stages. It’s an advantage that managing director Erich Eigenmann doesn’t want to give up because: “We put a lot of effort into it because the engine is its heart. If manufacturing is here, quality can be ensured and independence can be maintained.

Hand blenders line the stream


Kitchen appliances are tested at Medlen and repaired if necessary.

Keystone/Christian Beutler

The heart of the engine is available in various designs and strengths. According to the specifications, a Palmix can achieve 22,000 revolutions per minute. At the end, the motor is checked: “If it is good, the semi-finished product is finished and ready for final assembly on the device.” If not, the machine is dismantled, repaired and re-enters the processes.

Baumix has never been cheap.

The company did not disclose exact sales figures. Business is going well, and although Bamix products are often more expensive than others, Eigenmann says: “Bamix is ​​not really cheap. We are in the middle or high price segment. We don’t want to manufacture and sell cheaply, otherwise there will be one product out of many.

Longevity is not a drawback

In conclusion, it should be a solid product that can be used for a long time and adjusted if necessary. Longevity isn’t a disadvantage for Bamix, managing director Eric Eigenmann says: “We have a lot of untapped markets for that. There’s still potential in existing markets. We never run out of ideas.”

Inflation and falling consumption in the last few years have not left their mark on Durga’s successful production. The company felt that the kitchen appliance would make consumers think twice about buying it. Because: depending on the version, a pamix costs between 140 and 270 francs.

Knives from Bamix


Medlen im Thurgau is the only production location for Baumix products. And it should stay that way.

Keystone/Christian Beutler

So far, one product strategy has worked. However, further development cannot be completely ruled out, says Erich Eigenmann. “We have repeatedly analyzed our strategy. So far she is right. “But at some point I don’t want to rule out the possibility of expanding its use in the kitchen with new products.”

Until then, Pamix, blender and blender, should be. Maybe even another 70 years.

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