July 23, 2024

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85 days active – La Palma: Untitled volcano breaks record – News

85 days active – La Palma: Untitled volcano breaks record – News

  • Now 85 days old, volcanic activity in La Palma is the longest eruption recorded on the Spanish Canary Islands since Sunday.
  • So far, the eruption of Dehua volcano in 1585 is considered to be the longest in 84 days on the Atlantic island off the west coast of Africa.
  • No reliable data on previous eruptions are available.

The activity of the unnamed volcano in Cumbre Vieja has declined somewhat recently, but volcanologists have not yet dared to predict when it will end. “The indicators indicate a recession. The good news is that they are stable,” the island council chairman told RTVE, a television broadcaster.


To the edge of large apartments. The untitled volcano broke records in La Palma.


Nearly three months after the eruption began, RTVE reported that the volcano, which was above 1000 degrees Celsius, destroyed nearly 2,900 homes and other structures. Approximately 1200 hectares were covered with one meter thick lava. This equates to approximately 1,700 football fields. More than 7,000 residents had to be evacuated, with damage estimated at more than 900 million euros. In front of the beach, the refrigerated lava created two new headlands, the total size of which is about 50 hectares.

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