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Kai Senat – Who is the Gen Z icon?


High flyer on TwitchMultimillionaire and Streamer: This is how Kai Senat affects Gen Z

Kevin Hart was the guest, North West’s birthday party invitee and creator of the most popular youth word. Who is Kai Senat and why is he gaining more and more access?

Robin Bruni
  • Kai Cenat is one of the most successful streamers right now.

  • Many mega stars have already appeared on his live streams.

  • 22-year-olds also have considerable influence on language.

American streamer Kai Sennett (22) is currently causing an international sensation. His dynamic nature seems to have been particularly well received by Gen Z. So far, Kevin Hart (44), Nicki Minaj (41), Ice Spice (24), Lil Yachty (26) and countless stars have sat in the Senate chamber during the live stream.

Kim Kardashian (43) recently invited her daughter North West (11) for her birthday. Hundreds of thousands of people regularly watch his streams – Kai is now a millionaire.

He dropped out of college because of his internet career

Growing up in the Bronx, New York, Kai Senat, now 22, began his Internet career with pranks and challenges. At the time he was studying business administration at the State University of New York, but dropped out after about a year due to his growing YouTube channel. He later joined the streamer group “AMP” and moved into a luxury property in the American city of Atlanta with five other members.

Senat is a multi-millionaire thanks to streaming

Kai Carlo Cenat III, as his full name is, is one of the biggest streamers right now. On the Twitch platform where he broadcasts his streams, his profile now has nearly twelve million followers, placing him at number seven in the global rankings. Kai is the most watched streamer on Twitch, with an average of 128,000 viewers.

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Apart from Twitch, the 22-year-old also runs a YouTube channel that currently has 6.1 million subscribers. In addition, he regularly uploads highlights and segments from his live streams to his 8.1 million second channel – a popular strategy among streamers. According to “CelebrityNetworth”, the American’s net worth is currently estimated at $14 million.

The enormous influence of the Senate on the youth

Kai does a variety of things on his live streams. Sometimes he plays video games, other times he is on vacation and streaming in public. But he achieves unimaginable ratings through one thing: superstars as guests in his room. But instead of asking them programmed PR questions, he sits down with them in front of the camera and has unfiltered, entertaining conversations, often offering insight into the person behind the facade.

Sennett’s vocabulary seems to rub off on the youth, as he popularized terms like “kyat” (a variant of “god”, specifically referring to a large bottom) or “riss” (charmingly flirtatious). In the top 10 words for the German youth word of the year.

Gen-Alpha also seems to like regulations. Especially in the United States, children throw up words every minute, the New York Times reported at the end of 2023.

Kim Kardashian Invites Kai to North West’s Birthday

Thanks to numerous star guests on her streams, she is now well-connected among American celebrities. So, two weeks ago Kim Kardashian wrote to North asking if she could come to his birthday. “She’s going crazy!” He spends the day with an eleven-year-old girl at her extravagant birthday party.

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According to Kai, North’s only wish for his birthday was to meet him. Craft lessons, indoor skiing, amusement park and shopping center kart races can be a part of it.

Guy Senate on North West’s 11th birthday.

Youtube/Kai Cenat

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