June 13, 2024

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டிsi The editor-in-chief of «Falter இல்லாமல் without a mask on the public transport network

The editor-in-chief of “Falter” was recently outraged that train passengers were not wearing masks against the corona virus. Now he too was caught without a mask.

Briefly essentials

  • Florian Klenk caught on ÖBB train without mask.
  • Bomb: Only recently, the editor-in-chief of “Falter” blamed the mask sinners.
  • Dual standards have not been well received by Twitter users.

I’m O.V. Do not wear a mask? That would not work, thought Florian Kleink, editor-in-chief of the Austrian weekly newspaper “Falter” late last year. At that time he was traveling from Vienna to Venice (I) on the Austrian Federal Railway (ÖBB) Nightjet.

Then, he loudly expressed his anger to the unmasked passengers Twitter Wind. “Practically no one wears a mask in a car. This ruthlessness is really shit … ”he wrote – and the train ran to the toilet to avoid being infected with the corona virus.

From the moral apostle to the masked sinner

Now the editor-in-chief is apparently himself Among the masked sinners Went. One Twitter The published photo shows a 48-year-old man in the open-plan box of an ÖBB train. It is noteworthy: the man who at one time was most concerned about the need for the mask Not observed, It does not stick to itself.

You can see in the picture that he is working on his laptop. He wears an FFP2 mask under his cheek – it does not protect against the corona virus. The photo impressed some Twitter– Users dissatisfied.

Corona virus: Klein defends himself after a mask fox pass

The editor-in-chief of “Falter” does not want the accusations to sit on her and takes a stand on the secretly taken photo. “Yes, it should not happen. I thought I was alone in the open plan compartment. It’s been a long day, I have a headache. Obviously I’m not alone, I do not notice,” he writes.

Klein also criticizes the person who photographed him: “It would be nice if he did Photographer He would have drawn attention instead of hurting me. “

Do you always wear your mask properly?

He further clarifies: Nightjet’s situation is completely different. “There were six people sitting together in a box with six people without masks, so I was in the aisle.”

Not all reasoning applies. A Twitter-Uner writes: “I believe in almost every nonsense. But I do not notice someone sitting 1.5 meters near you, it seems strange to me somehow.

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