June 22, 2024

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Were the intensive care beds removed even during infections?

Official information is annoying: long intensive care beds are shown. Detailed statistics are now available for the first time.

Summarize the essentials

  • The number of intensive care beds and their availability to deal with an infection is fundamental.
  • Authorities have repeatedly accused the intensive care beds of being removed.
  • Now, for the first time, detailed statistics are available that allow for a review.

The burden of hospitals Especially intensive care unitsWas a decisive criterion for the entire duration of the epidemic. It has been with him since the beginning of summer Central Council Become almost the same reason Measures to be maintained. Overloading the health system should be avoided at all costs. There was again and again Suspected overload, Or not the reduction in capacity that led to the overload.

Are the beds being lowered in the middle of the infection?

In fact, in the graphics on FOPH’s dashboard, it looks like it exists Fewer and fewer beds In intensive care units. If so, it’s no surprise these are running Attack And 80 percent and above! It may not be contagious, but it is poorly managed. This was repeatedly heard by members of parliament, opinion leaders and journalists.

The responses of experts, officials’ representatives and doctors were the same. There are several factors: Beds cannot be calculated without the relevant staff. The beds need to be aligned.

Beds are taken from other departments during emergencies and converted into intensive care beds if needed. The so-called temporary beds will then disappear from the intensive care unit. The figures are of little use because the number of intensive care beds can change every hour, even at the hospital level.

Statistics on temporary beds for the first time

However, Lucas Engelberger, the director of health, said that for his knowledge during the epidemics, not a single bed was removed. It was bold because Engelberg had no real perspective, but everything else seemed absurd to him.

Lucas Engleberger, president of the Conference of Health Directors, answers the question of why a third lower intensive care beds have been shown since the onset of the epidemic. – YouTube / Swiss Federal Council

Integrated medical service Army (KST) It collects infection Information For hospital accommodation. In particular, the number of empty intensive care beds occupied with covit and other patients. Thanks to network activist Hernani Marquez, KSD has it Information Including the ratio of temporary beds, it is now better broken and released.

No disposal with certified beds

What diagnoses patients have in intensive care beds is irrelevant to this analysis. Whether a hospital reports bed condition a day late is not even in view of the hundreds of beds. We also protect against breakdowns caused by key components generated by KSD. In return, we thank that there is another category: non-operated certified beds.

There is currently no explanation for this; They are probably modified beds or simply them Staff shortage. One should ask for explanations for significant increases in curvature. However, one thing is clear: the total number of certified intensive care beds is about 870. The long-term fluctuations were actually temporary beds that were mocked along with staff during the epidemic. Increased.

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