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“Wake Up Nostalgia”: Are Beauty Filters Making You Psychotic? Influencer Diaz will ban them

“Wake Up Nostalgia”: Are Beauty Filters Making You Psychotic?  Influencer Diaz will ban them

“Wake up the nostalgia”

Do beauty filters make you psychotic? Influencer Diaz will ban them

The new beauty filter “bold glamour” pretends something is unattainable. Content creator and author Morena Diaz believes so. She sounds the alarm. According to psychologist Felix Hoff, it filters out new longings that are difficult to treat.


According to experts, the TikTok filter “bold glamour” will trigger more desires. (icon image)

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  • TikTok filter “bold glamour” goes viral.

  • More than 14 million users have already uploaded a video with this filter.

  • Content creator Morena Diaz sees the filter problem because it’s so real.

  • According to a psychologist, the filter is most dangerous for people aged 12 to 25 years.

  • He appeals to parents to limit their children’s social media consumption and limit it at the right time.

“Bold Glamour” is a sophisticated one KI-Technology, which manipulates the user’s facial features and digitally adapts them to current ideals of beauty. The filter is ubiquitous on TikTok — and it turns on young women Cosmetic surgeons or to a cosmetic surgeon. Thanks to the filter, cheekbones appear higher, nose narrower and skin less porous. Content creator and writer Morena Diaz Tested the filter.

Morena Diaz How do you like yourself with the “bold glamour” filter?

I look worse with the new filter. I’ve also tested filters that look better than no filter at all. The “Bold Glamour” filter makes my round face look too narrow and my lips too full. I think I’m very masculine.

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Morena Diaz, 14.5 million people have already uploaded a video with the “Bold Glamour” filter on TikTok. Why do you think this filter is so popular?

You can experience beauty that is unattainable for a brief moment on social media. surgery It costs a lot of money. Not everyone can afford it. The Filter Pretends something almost unattainable. Ideals of beauty are heavily shaped by the Kardashians, and influence social media filters as well.

During psychologist Felix Hoff’s consultation, social media is a constant topic. Tiktok filters are also sometimes overlooked and very problematic.

Felix Hoff, What’s wrong with the “bold glamor” filter from a psychological perspective?

Tiktok filters create a new reality and evoke more nostalgia. When people realize that they can never live up to that ideal, it causes them grief and sorrow. Some of my patients suffer from this. But because people want to be active in the world of social media, this is very difficult to deal with therapeutically.

Felix Hoff, Who Primarily Suffers?

15 to 22 year olds are particularly vulnerable. You are in the process of identifying. Filters such as the ‘bold glamor’ filter complicate their development. From a therapeutic point of view, the ‘bold attractiveness’ filter is unhelpful and extremely problematic for children and adolescents. Adults have less of this because their self-image is established and they may perceive filters like ‹Bold Glamour› as a gimmick.

Felix Hoff, “Bold Glamour” filter narrows the face. Do you see a connection between filters and eating disorders?

No, I can’t see any direct link so far. But I see enormous pressure on young people to conform to a certain body plan. For example, a young man eats only once a day, otherwise he feels fat. My patients see a lot of images on social media of bodies that conform to a supposed ideal. It can increase the pressure.

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Morena Diaz What are the future risks of users only using filters on social media platforms?

I would definitely consider it very sad. I’m a big fan of nature, but we’re moving further and further away from real faces. We create an illusory world that is fake. I would ban all these filters because it puts people under beauty pressure and they don’t like the way they look.

Tips on how not to be affected by such filters

  • Decide who to follow
    Morena Diaz recommends removing unnatural people from your followers and instead following people who sometimes don’t dress themselves up.

  • Always remember that anything can be faked
    “Thankfully, Instagram Stories and TikTok show that you’re using a filter. Filters distort reality. But even external programs like Photoshop can change an image in seconds without it being announced on social media,” says Diaz.

  • Pay attention to the dosage
    Psychologist Felix Hoff urges parents to limit screen time. He recommends that 14- to 16-year-olds spend a maximum of two hours a day on cellphones. Addiction can easily occur through constant contact.

  • Set a healthy distance
    “If you classify filters as a gimmick, that’s fine. Users should know that filters never match reality.

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