May 21, 2024

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Volcanic eruption in La Palma: Swiss woman loses home

Beaches, dense forests, impressive volcanoes – La Palma gets the nickname La Isla Ponida. Today the beauty is covered in ashes. Four weeks ago, a volcano erupted 50 years later in the Gumbre-Viza National Park south of the island. Since then, a volcanic eruption of over 1000 degrees has penetrated the surrounding villages and relentlessly engulfed the house one after another.

One of them is Donica W. * (38). He moved to La Palma 15 years ago and is survived by his partner Victor D. * (49) settled in the small town of Todok with. The place where her dream house was a month ago is now only volcanic and ash. Over the past few weeks 7500 people have to be brought to safety, i.e. about ten per cent of the nearly 85,000 people in La Palma.