April 15, 2024

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VietJet: Pilot Zakarin Saranrakskul helps a woman giving birth on the plane


Amazing flightThe pilot left the cockpit to assist the woman in labor

Jakarin has 18 years of experience as a pilot in Sararnrakskul. Now she is allowed to be a midwife for the first time during a flight from Taipei to Bangkok.

Karin Ludold
  • A pilot helped a woman give birth during a flight from Taiwan to Thailand.

  • The experienced captain quickly left his seat in the cockpit.

  • Eventually the woman gave birth to a healthy baby boy.

He proudly poses with the little boy in his arms and smiles at the camera as if he has just become a father: a few minutes ago, Thai pilot Jakarin Saranrakskul helped the mother of the newborn child.

The pilot, a father of a young daughter, was on a VietJet flight from Taipei, Taiwan to Bangkok a week ago on Friday when he was alerted by the crew. Flight attendants said a woman was in the lavatory in severe pain, possibly in labor. Saranrakskul suddenly left his seat in the cockpit and his co-pilot took the wheel and rushed the passengers in distress.

Can't wait for the baby to land

With quick thinking and great compassion, the pilot tried to help the mother in labor. It soon became clear: the baby wouldn't wait to land. Moments later, thousands of meters above the clouds, Saranrakskul assisted in the birth of a healthy boy. For a pilot with 18 years of experience, this is his first time flying.

He nicknamed the baby “Sky Baby”. When the plane landed in Thailand, an ambulance was waiting to take the mother and child to the hospital. “He could tell everyone for the rest of his life that he was born of the air,” said Jagarin Saranrakskul.

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