July 20, 2024

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Trump's winning streak continues – second win for Haley

Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley has won a second victory in the US Republican presidential race against former President Donald Trump. Haley won an internal party poll in the state of Vermont, the Associated Press reported Tuesday evening, citing its own projections.

Haley's renewed victory gives her another symbolic victory, but it doesn't change Trump's clear dominance of the race. In other votes, dubbed Super Tuesday, with primaries in more than a dozen states, Trump again showed his strength, racking up back-to-back wins.

At least one symbolic victory with a second primary victory over Trump: Nikki Haley (March 5, 2024).

At least one symbolic victory with a second primary victory over Trump: Nikki Haley (March 5, 2024).


Haley benefited from Vermont's “open” primary, which means voters don't have to be registered with the Republican Party to vote. The small northeastern US state of less than 650,000 people received just 17 delegate votes for the nominating convention, where Republicans want to choose their presidential candidate in Milwaukee in early November to mid-July. . This means that the balance of power between Haley and Trump in the Republican primaries hasn't really shifted. After various primary election victories, Trump has a huge lead in the number of delegates.

On Sunday, Haley scored her first election victory in a primary fight against Trump and won the party's internal vote in the capital, Washington. In doing so, he broke the winning streak of Trump, who had previously easily won all the party primaries. However, he was a clear favorite in the next polls.

It's unclear how long Haley will stay in the race, as she has not been given a chance to defeat Trump. Even in Haley's home state of South Carolina, where Haley once served as governor, Trump won by a wide margin in late February. Supporters of the former president have been calling for weeks to leave the 52-year-old behind and make way for Trump. (DBA)

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