May 21, 2024

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US governor election – Joe Biden’s husband loses in Virginia – News

  • It is predicted that Republican Glenn Young will win the US presidential election in the state of Virginia, which is considered an emotional test.
  • According to CNN and NBC estimates, the Republican Party is slightly ahead of US President Joe Biden’s candidate Terry McAliffe.
  • For Biden and his Democrats, the result was a severe setback.

Young, a Republican, supported Donald Trump in the election campaign – even though he publicly distanced himself from the former president and focused on the moderate electorate.


The 54-year-old Republican Young is the new governor of Virginia.

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A few months ago it appeared to be a comfortable victory for Democrat McAliffe, who then got caught up in Young’s vote and recently made some progress. In the US presidential election a year ago in Virginia, Biden won by ten points ahead of Trump.


McAuliffe, 64, was the state’s democratic governor from 2014 to 2018. Now he has missed the election.

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But the state has another symbolic appeal: it borders the US capital and poses a threat to Washington. Perhaps because of this, Democrats were well aware of the importance of elections and allowed party celebrities to appear at their candidates’ campaign events.

It is useless for Pita and Obama to advertise

For example, Vice President Kamala Harris, Biden and former President Barack Obama promoted McAuliffe. Biden called Young “a supporter of Donald Trump.” During his campaign for his fellow party member, Obama warned against “returning to the chaos that caused the most damage.”

Also selected in New Jersey and New York City

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Eric Adams is set to become the new mayor of New York City.


The race for governor of the US state of New Jersey is still open. But here, too, Democrats are threatened with electoral defeat because Republican nominee Jack Ciatarelli is currently three percentage points ahead of Democrat Bill Murphy, who is aiming for re-election.

In New York City, according to predictions, Democrat Eric Adams won the mayoral election. Firm results are expected later in the day.

Republican Young, on the other hand, sought to keep his distance from Trump publicly. He portrayed himself as a role model suburban father, and made education and the question of what to teach in the classroom the topic of the election campaign. The election is seen as a referendum on Biden’s policy of ruling the White House for almost a year.

Sick President

This election is seen as a kind of litmus test for Biden, who was elected to the White House exactly one year ago. His approval ratings have been worse than ever since he took office.

Biden has been trying for a long time to get two investment packages through Congress, but has so far failed due to fights within his own Democrats. According to observers, the election defeat in Virginia is seen as a receipt.

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