May 21, 2024

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US Congress: Nuclear expansion sparks war with NATO

US Congress: Nuclear expansion sparks war with NATO

Urs P. Gasche / If Putin uses tactical nuclear weapons or causes radioactive nuclear contamination, NATO should intervene in the war.

A relative Emergency resolution Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal proposed the two parties at a media conference on June 23. President Joe Biden has described the threat of Russia using nuclear weapons as real. Therefore, the US urgently needs to make clear that this would mean a declaration of war on Putin and Lukashenko. Some time ago, Russia transferred tactical nuclear weapons to Belarus.

And the Destruction of nuclear power plant Radioactive contamination of NATO countries in Europe. This amounts to an attack by Russia against NATO members, and these would act “on a massive scale” in terms of Article 5 of the NATO Treaty. According to Article 5, an attack against a NATO member triggers a joint counterattack by all NATO countries.

NATO first emphasized this policy of collective security after the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Following this, NATO started a war against the Taliban government in Afghanistan. It continued Collective security measuresAmong others in response to the situation in Syria and the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

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