July 24, 2024

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Urinating in the sea: 730 francs fine in Marbella

This Spanish town threatens to fine you if you pee in the sea.

This Spanish town threatens to fine you if you pee in the sea.

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A popular travel destinationIf you urinate in the sea here, you have to pay 730 francs

The Spanish city of Marbella has defined several violations that result in fines – including urinating in water.

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Have you ever been too lazy to get out of the water and pee in the ocean or outdoor pool? It could have cost you dearly in Marbella: those who defecate on the beach or in the sea can be fined for violating hygiene and sanitation regulations. As a measure to maintain the cleanliness of the sea, Spain has now increased it

This is how crime should be investigated

Anyone caught urinating while bathing in the water at one of the 25 beaches in the municipality of Málaga will be fined 750 euros, equivalent to 730 Swiss francs, in the future. But how can you check if someone peed in the ocean?

Just peeing in the ocean?  Lifeguards must monitor it.

Just peeing in the ocean? Lifeguards must supervise.

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“It’s not clear how lifeguards will identify proposed offenders of ‘physical defecation’ — but if you don’t want to be fined, you might want to hold off,” says the Timeout news site.

More damage from tourism

Previously the fine was equal to 290 francs. It is said to show that Spain has stepped up its efforts to control the damage caused by large numbers of tourists. Also, restrictions have been imposed on dogs entering the sea, playing with balls or setting up parcels in the water without permission.

Although the fine for urinating has already been approved by Marbella City Council, it will not become law until it passes a public consultation.

Do you think fines are a good move?

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