April 15, 2024

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Ultra-Processed Foods: Study Shows How Bad They Are


Diabetes & Co.Processed foods are more harmful to you than you think

Do you prefer cornflakes, ready meals or protein bars? According to a new study, they're even worse for you than previously thought.

Selena Euchner

Frozen pizza, ready-made sauces and sausage products may be doing you more harm than previously thought: One: A new study showed that consumption of highly processed foods was associated with a total of 32 different health effects. These include heart disease, cancer, type 2 diabetes, poor mental health and earlier death. Consuming these foods has also been found to be associated with diseases such as Crohn's disease or obesity.

These foods usually contain five or more ingredients and various combinations. Globally, the consumption of ready-to-eat foods such as ice cream, chips, muesli, flavored yogurt and biscuits is on the rise.

What are ultra-processed foods?

According to “Focus”, every second product from the grocery store is now considered “UPF”, which means “Ultra Processed Food”. Ultra-processed foods are foods that have undergone the highest level of industrial processing. They often contain a variety of ingredients including additives, flavors and preservatives.

Usually these are convenience foods, fast foods, frozen foods, snacks, sodas and sweets. These foods are usually high in energy but low in nutrients and fiber.

Researchers need to take action

A study published in the British Medical Journal (BMJ) has a much larger set of data. An international team of researchers from Australia, the United States, France and Ireland were involved in the analysis of a total of 45 studies. A total of 9.8 million people participated.

The researchers urged that action be taken to specifically reduce the consumption of highly processed foods worldwide.

Do you indulge in fast food?  Enjoy in moderation.

Do you indulge in fast food? Enjoy in moderation.

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Even experts not involved in the study are now looking at the new results. So he says Carlos Monteiro is a professor at the University of São Paulo in BrasiliaThe authors concluded that “a diet high in highly-processed foods is harmful to most—perhaps even all—body systems.”

Half of Americans eat highly processed foods

So far the problem is getting worse. According to the study's authors, highly processed foods are becoming a staple of diets worldwide.

Many of the foods we eat everyday are highly processed.

Many of the foods we eat everyday are highly processed.

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They account for more than half of the daily calorie intake in the US and UK. In Switzerland it is a quarter. It shows one Investigation Bernese Nutritionist Prof. Dr. Medicine. David Fa.

Should you cut back on such foods? What actions do you think are possible against consuming highly processed foods? Or do you think consuming ready-made pizza is for everyone?

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