August 14, 2022

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Ukrainian ticker. Russia confirms Kremensuk +++ shelling, Putin ends call with Macron for ice hockey

A French documentary filmmaker Four days before the invasion, he released parts of a telephone conversation between Emmanuel Macron and Vladimir Putin.

When asked about military exercises on the Ukrainian border, Putin replied that the evening was over. The invasion came four days later.

Putin Demanded Spiegel says in a recorded conversation that Volodymyr called for Zelenskyj nuclear weapons and that Macron proposed changes to the Minsk agreement. The French head of state angrily rejected both. But Putin stuck to his version of events.

The two Minsk agreements of 2014 and 2015 basically regulated the ceasefire between Ukraine and the separatists in the East, which was repeatedly broken. Regarding the two agreements, Macron scolds Putin: “I do not know where your lawyer studied!

After that, “If we want to give the conversation a chance, we have to calm down the game.” Putin finally concludes the conversation by pointing out that he is in a arena: “I want to play ice hockey now.”

The documentary will air on June 30 France2.

Putin plays ice hockey, 2015 photo archived.

Keystone / Alexei Nikolsky / RIA-Novosti

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