March 4, 2024

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Ukraine ticker. US wants to deliver long-range missiles ++++ Putin: “Even F-16 will burn”

Ukraine ticker.  US wants to deliver long-range missiles ++++ Putin: “Even F-16 will burn”

Meanwhile, Kremlin leader Putin was repeatedly irritated during his hours-long appearance at the 26th International Economic Forum. For example, on nuclear arms control, he said: “We have more such weapons than NATO countries. They know that, and they keep pushing us to start talking about cuts.”

Then he added: “Leave it, you know what we say among the people.” Moments later, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov had to explain Putin’s statements to journalists — to put them into perspective. “Russia is ready to negotiate,” he assured.

Putin: Ukrainian counteroffensive unlikely

Russian President Vladimir Putin views the Ukrainian counteroffensive as hopeless. “The Ukrainian armed forces have no chance there, as they have in other areas,” Putin told an economic forum in St. Petersburg with a vision.


Putin also said about the delivery of F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine: if the machines are stationed outside Ukraine, the Russian side will “see how and where we destroy these funds”. Here too, spokesman Peskov backtracked and said Russia would only attack the jets if they were delivered to Ukrainian territory.

Finally, critical Russian media drew attention to Putin’s claims that his military had destroyed five patriotic anti-aircraft systems in the Kiev region. Because: Ukraine has received two such systems from foreign partners.

In addition, Putin insulted Zelensky, the president of Ukraine. “I have had many Jewish friends since childhood. They say: ‘Zelensky is not a Jew. It is a disgrace to the Jewish people,” he said. Moscow has repeatedly justified its war of aggression against its neighbour, campaigning to rid Ukraine of alleged “neo-Nazis”.

Such reports caused international consternation because Zelenskyj is of Jewish origin. Additionally, it has been proven that many thousands of victims of Russian attacks in Ukraine included Holocaust survivors.