July 24, 2024

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Ukraine News: Attack on Sevastopol, Ukraine, kills four, including children

Ukraine News: Attack on Sevastopol, Ukraine, kills four, including children

Russian President Vladimir Putin has threatened severe consequences if South Korea supplies Ukraine with weapons. The Kremlin leader on Thursday called such deliveries to Kiev a “serious mistake” during a visit to Vietnam. “If that happens, we will make decisions that the current leadership of South Korea does not want.”

Review from Seoul of Russian-North Korean agreement

The government in Seoul has rejected the strategic partnership agreement between Moscow and Pyongyang at the UN. It condemned the sanctions violation and indicated that it would reconsider its previous negative stance on providing arms to Kiev.

North Korea, led by leader Kim Jong-un, has long been a target of UN sanctions because of its nuclear weapons program. Subject to embargoes and import restrictions that affect, inter alia, the arms trade or the transfer of military technologies to the country. . During a state visit to Pyongyang on Wednesday, Putin signed a new partnership agreement with Kim that also provides for mutual assistance in the event of war.

Putin told a press conference in Hanoi that Seoul’s concerns were unfounded. South Korea has nothing to fear from the Partnership and Assistance Agreement between Russia and North Korea, as the agreement will only come into effect if one of these two countries is attacked by a third country. Putin also promised not to station North Korean soldiers in Ukraine.

However, the 71-year-old threatened to supply precision weapons to North Korea. He said it was a possible response to Western arms supplies to Ukraine. The West is acting as if it is not fighting Russia even if it is armed. He reportedly did not restrict Kiev’s use of its weapons. In return, Russia can send its military equipment to the rest of the world and no longer worry about how it will be used, Putin said.

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Putin justifies plans for new nuclear doctrine with Western threats

Putin also commented on possible changes in Russian nuclear doctrine. He justified such plans by saying that Western countries have a low deterrent limit when it comes to using nuclear weapons. “In particular, low-explosive nuclear bombs are being developed,” the Kremlin leader said. Western experts see nothing wrong with the use of so-called mini-nukes, as Russia has recognized. “Related to this is my statement that we are thinking about possible changes in our strategy.”

During Russia’s war against Ukraine, Moscow repeatedly threatened the possibility of using nuclear weapons if the West intervened in the conflict. The currently valid Russian nuclear doctrine states that Moscow is allowed to use nuclear weapons in only two cases: in the event of a nuclear attack on Russia, or if an attack by conventional weapons would endanger the country’s existence. The vague definition has led some hardliners to criticize the Kremlin for toughening the doctrine.

Ukraine First: US Delays Arms Deliveries to Other Countries

At least Washington doesn’t want to be intimidated by warnings. The US government wants to postpone the delivery of some military equipment to other countries to strengthen Ukraine’s air defenses first. National Security Council communications director John Kirby said the U.S. government has made the “difficult but necessary” decision to suspend missile sales to other countries, particularly the Patriot and Nassau air defense systems, given Kiev’s urgent needs. Instead, these should initially go to Ukraine, which urgently needs additional air defense capabilities.

In addition to the posts, the anti-aircraft defense is intended to protect the country’s energy system. After more than two years of war and systematic Russian energy attacks, particularly by drones and missiles, about half of the electricity has been lost, according to official figures. Hence, the authorities have implemented a strict power consumption regime and extended daily blackout hours in some areas. It is feared that the situation may worsen drastically with the onset of cold and dark season.

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Zelenskyj wants to promote solar systems for energy security

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskiy wants to massively push forward the construction of solar systems to stabilize the severely damaged energy grid. “The government is advised to immediately submit a plan to promote the installation of solar energy production and energy storage in Ukraine,” Zelensky said in his daily video address. Citizens installing solar systems can avail interest-free loans. Additionally, in a meeting with the government, energy industry and public servants, it was decided to structurally protect energy systems from sustained Russian attacks from the air. (DPA)