June 22, 2024

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Two Swiss people had an accident while defecating in Tyrol

When defecating

Two Swiss fell five meters in Tyrol

It was supposed to be a wild party night, but things took a turn for the worse. When two drunken men tried to relieve themselves on the side of the road, they fell several meters and had to go to the hospital.


A group of Swiss youths actually wanted to go to Ishqal and celebrate.

For two Swiss people (24 and 26), Friday night ended up in a hospital in Jams (Austria) instead of partying in Ischgl (Austria). On their way to the winter sports resort in Piannerhöhe, the two young men fell several meters down a street and, according to the police, wanted to “have a little poo”. noise”weekend.at» Both got off on Federal Highway B 188.

Many colleagues wanted to drive to Ishqal to celebrate. The driver, police said, was sober — no passengers. When two of them wanted to defecate on the side of the road, both were holding a traffic sign due to drunkenness, but it was abandoned.

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