May 21, 2024

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Two people died and ten children were injured during the excavation excursion

Two people died and ten children were injured during the excavation excursion
The stricken excavator will be towed away on Saturday.

Keystone/dpa/Philipp Schulze

Fathers camp with their children in a small town south of Hamburg – but their shared adventure ends in a fatal accident. Police believe that it was due to a technical glitch.

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  • A boy and a man died in an accident in Tappenstedt (Harburg district) in Lower Saxony while out with an excavator.
  • Ten other children were injured Saturday evening, some seriously, and four of them were taken by helicopter to clinics, Matthias Wille, a spokesman for the Harburg district fire brigade, told the German Press Agency.
  • According to the emergency chaplain, the slain child was five years old.
  • According to the initial information of the police, the cause of the accident is said to be a broken hydraulic pipe.

A boy and an adult man died in an accident while driving a wheel loader in Tappenstedt, south of Hamburg. A fire department spokesman told the German Press Agency that another ten children aged between four and ten were injured on Saturday evening, some of them seriously. The adult victim was 39 years old, and the child killed was five years old, emergency officials said. According to the fire department, they did not communicate with each other.

Four injured children had to be airlifted to hospital. Police and fire officials did not release any information on the current condition of the seriously injured.

The camp was personally organized by fathers as a shared activity with their children. A fire brigade spokeswoman said one group was driven on a wheel loader down a dirt road “for fun”. Then the victims were in a mesh basket raised using a lifting arm – then, according to the police, suddenly fell from a height of about three meters due to a broken hydraulic pipe. Some prisoners may have been beaten with metal baskets.

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Use very strongly for emergency services

After the accident, the police seized the shovel for investigation. The 44-year-old driver of the camp was taken to the police station. He is being tried for involuntary manslaughter. Additionally, his blood was “routinely” tested for alcohol or drugs.

The emergency chaplain said the mission was one of the most difficult for rescue workers. When children are injured, it is always very emotionally stressful for the emergency services – many of whom are also parents. “It consumes a lot of what you’re experiencing,” Pastor said. About 80 firefighters, 60 rescue workers and 30 police officers were on duty till nightfall.

It was initially unclear how many people would participate in the camp. Toppenstedt has a good 2000 inhabitants and is 35 kilometers south of Hamburg.