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The wife enslaved her husband to have intercourse with his caretaker

The wife enslaved her husband to have intercourse with his caretaker


The wife enslaved her husband to have intercourse with his caretaker

When his family found him, the disabled Tom Somerset-How was lying in bed, disoriented, unshaven, with long fingernails and long hair. His wife and Tom’s groomsmen were sentenced to slavery.


How Tom was rescued from a dilapidated home in Somerset-2020- May 12, 2023 His wife and Tom’s caretakers were convicted of slavery. The caretaker was also punished for being mistreated by the caretaker.

Sussex Police

  • Tom Somerset-Bed was born premature and lives with cerebral palsy.

  • A very talented man, he studied history and after his studies he met his wife Sarah.

  • The wife kept her husband enslaved while having an affair with Tom’s caretaker.

How Tom Somerset, 40, was put in a terrible position by his own wife. The man is partially blind and lives with cerebral palsy, which leaves him bedridden. His wife began an affair with his caretaker, and the 40-year-old was largely neglected.

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A court in the southern English county of Hampshire found 49-year-old Sarah Somerset-Howe and her boyfriend George Webb guilty of slavery. Webb was convicted of abuse by a caretaker.

They left Tom alone on weekends

As reported by The Telegraph, Tom Somerset argued during the trial—how. Like a modern slave His wife was treated by cutting off contact with the family, keeping the husband at home and taking his money “as if it were her property”.

A couple who lived with a disabled man at their home in Chichester, West Sussex, used him as a “cow”, a court was told: the woman spent money from her social security payments on underwear, her boyfriend T.J. . Tom was alone for hours In the neglected houseEven if his wife and carer go to concerts or football games on weekends.

Tom was born prematurely into a wealthy family. His mother, Helen Somerset-Howe, cared for her son for three decades, and in 1990, the woman founded a center to help people with cerebral palsy develop the skills they need for the future.

Brush your teeth only once a year

Talented Tom graduated from the University of Chichester with a degree in history. In 2008, he met his future wife, Sarah, while living in an assisted living facility after surgery. In 2010, the two moved in together, and in 2016 nurse George Webb was added. It wasn’t long before the two started leaving the disabled man alone on the bed. All he had to eat was a packet of chips and a sandwich. According to the Daily Mail, they haven’t brushed his teeth in a year.

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In 2018, Tom’s mother and twin sister found the patient in a filthy house. The patient was lying “disoriented” in bed, unshaven and with long fingernails and long hair. He weighed almost 43 kg. It wasn’t until 2020 that the family managed to get Tom out of the house and report Sarah Somerset-Howe and George Webb.

After the guilty verdict, the victim said: I am very satisfied with the verdict. Justice has been served.”

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