July 24, 2024

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The White House explains routine neurologist visits


Joe BidenThe White House now explains neurologist visits

The White House said Tuesday that the neurologist’s visits to the White House were not aimed at the president. The information has now been corrected.

  • There is speculation that US President Joe Biden has Parkinson’s disease.

  • The White House says the visits to the neurologist are all part of his routine health checkups.

  • It also says that the results are always published only after the studies.

US President Joe Biden was examined by a neurologist at the White House on January 17. The results were announced more than a month ago as part of its annual investigation, the White House said Tuesday. Earlier, when asked by the Associated Press, White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre falsely said that renowned neurologist Kevin Canard’s visit to government headquarters that day was unrelated to the president.

The AP asked for comment on whether the meeting between Kennard and Biden’s personal physician, Kevin O’Connor, who appeared on the White House watch list, was about the president. It was the only meeting between the two between July 2023 and last March, according to the Observer files. During this time Conard visited the White House eight times and this period came to be of public interest.

Jean-Pierre said Tuesday that the AP’s question did not specify a date. However, he wanted to clarify that the meeting between O’Connor and Gunnar was part of Biden’s annual investigation. In all, Biden met with Canard three times, each time as part of his medical examination, the results of which were always made public.

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Speculations about health

The White House on Tuesday dismissed reports that the 81-year-old is receiving treatment for Parkinson’s disease, amid continued criticism of the Constitution by US President Joe Biden. Spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre said on Monday that the president was not being treated for the illness or taking medication for it. Meanwhile, National Security Council spokesman John Kirby reiterated that allies will not question Biden’s leadership qualities, given the upcoming NATO summit in Washington.

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