June 18, 2024

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The pub owner does not serve soft drinks

He himself abstained from alcohol

Bar owners want to serve only drunkards

The owner of Beatles Bar in Belfast is making headlines with his odd rules. So he only wants to greet the drinkers at his bar. He himself has been abstinent for decades.


Pub owner John Beatles was not a fan of Cola and Co. He will serve beer.

Policy holder John Bittles (62) from Belfast, Northern Ireland. At his pub, guests should only order alcoholic drinks, no soft drinks. “A glass of Coke isn’t really worth it to me. (…) We sell up to 700 pints of Guinness a day and we only have a limited number of tables, so it’s not ideal if someone is sitting down with a Coke,” he tells the Irish newspaper. “Sunday World”.

The soda ban at Beatles Bar isn’t going down well with everyone, thanks to some bad reviews on Trip Advisor. “Unbelievably rude,” writes one user, “save yourself the trouble and go somewhere else”.