June 15, 2024

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The party DJ reportedly announced D’Agostino’s hit “Forbidden Song”.


Gunnsville L.UThe party DJ reportedly announced D’Agostino’s hit “Forbidden Song”.

At a village festival in Gunzwil, Lucerne, the audience chanted now well-known racist slogans. DJ says he knows nothing about these – partygoers say otherwise.

Daniel Graf
  • Racist chants of Gigi D’Agostino’s victory echoed loudly through the festival tent at the Kunzville Lu on Wednesday evening.

  • Many viewers are now saying: DJ deliberately played the song and asked people to sing along with the slogans.

  • It is contradictory: he knows nothing about the Silt scandal and racist slogans.

Around 1,500 people celebrated in a party tent at Kunzwil in Lucerne on Wednesday evening. The “Gscheerete” feast in Gunzwil is a classic rustic festival. A tent, lots of booze and a party DJ.

“DJ REF JD” was on the playlist Gigi d’Agostinos hit “Love Forever”. After a wave of scandal and fury over Sild spread from Germany to Switzerland, what followed was expected: in the 24-second video available for 20 minutes, you can see what most of the people in the tent looked like. “Foreigners out, foreigners out,” bellows.

“All Jim, until completely blocked”

Many viewers are now saying that the DJ is aware of the events at Silt – contrary to what he said 20 minutes ago. “She introduced the song. A 20-minute chat history shows she’s not the only one who’s heard it.

What can be clearly heard in the video: while some of the people there are already singing along with the slogans, the DJ says into the microphone: “All Jim, until absolutely blocked”. As the chorus continues, the song gets louder.

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“I know nothing about slogans”

When asked for 20 minutes, the DJ stuck to his version: “I don’t know anything about the incidents. After all, it’s my job to inspire people to sing and go crazy with the songs I sing. But when he learned to sing, he changed the song.

“It probably took me a few seconds to prepare another song at the right tempo. But I definitely didn’t introduce the song as a banned song or anything like that. I didn’t know the racist songs before and I won’t sing that song again.” The person who requested the song later that evening apologized for it.

Organizers want the song banned from the next party

Party organizers have also spoken now. In a written statement it said: “It is important for us to stress that we as organizers have no influence on the selection of songs played during the event. DJs responsible for music entertainment are responsible for music selection. We hope they choose their songs carefully and know their responsibility to maintain a respectful atmosphere.”

However, allegations are taken very seriously. “We will fully investigate this incident and speak to all those involved on Saturday June 1 to ensure this does not happen again. Racism and discrimination have no place with us and we will take appropriate steps to ensure this in the future as well.

Let’s see if it works on Saturday: then the next edition of “Gscheerete” will take place.