April 19, 2024

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The latest in the Corona crisis – Germany takes drastic measures after Christmas – News

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    Argau and Solothurn vaccines for babies from January, increasing from four months

    In the province of Arkaw, everyone can now register for the booster vaccine if they received the second vaccine four months ago. In Solothurn Province, registration is open from tomorrow, Wednesday.

    However, the province of Arkansas warns that despite the expansion of the offer at vaccination centers and pharmacies, with the help of the military and the Red Cross since January, there will be no appointments by the end of the year for all those who want to be vaccinated. However, by February, everyone who wants to get the booster vaccine should get the booster vaccine.

    According to officials, there is a shortage of staff in the Solathur zone. Vaccine options and vaccines are adequate. That’s why they are quickly looking for additional staff for vaccination centers in Chelsea and Trimbak.

    Children between the ages of 5 and 11 will be vaccinated from January in the provinces of Arkov and Solotern. From the second week of January there will be special appointments for children at the Canton Hospitals of Arau and Baden in Arkaw and at the Divoli Shopping Center. Can register by the end of the year. Vaccination campaigns are being talked about in January with pediatricians at two vaccination centers in Solothurn. Registrations are possible from the beginning of 2022.

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    Belinda Benzic suffered from Govit-19 disease

    Belinda Benzic suffered from Govt-19 despite being fully vaccinated. Now, like last year, there is nothing but the perfect product for the Australian Open.

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    Belinda Bencic is currently in Abu Dhabi and did a positive test there – like Rafael Nadal over the last few days. The best Swiss tennis player said on Twitter that he was isolated and experiencing very strong symptoms such as fever, body aches and cold. Nevertheless, this year’s top Swiss athlete plans to continue at the Australian Open.

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    The press conference is over

    Zurich State Press Conference on Booster Vaccine concludes. We will keep you updated on the latest information about the corona virus in the ticker here.

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    Rigley: “Eighty-five percent of Govt patients in the intensive care unit have not been vaccinated.”

    Natalie Rigley repeats a number from hospitals. “Eighty-five percent of Govt patients in the intensive care unit are unvaccinated – let’s look at this figure again.” As for hospital staff, he continues: “It is unacceptable for everyone to be affected by a group of non-vaccinated people and for hospitals to be attacked.” They hope that the request for vaccination will reach other people.


    Rigley: “It is unacceptable for everyone to be affected by a group of people who have not been vaccinated and for hospitals to be attacked.”


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    Nearly 90 percent of the intensive care units in the province of Zurich are overcrowded

    “Of the intensive care units in the Zurich region, IPS use is 88 percent,” said Zurk Kruber, vice president of the Office of Health. About 28.3 percent of IPS use by Corona, 54 patients were covit patients and 85 percent of them were unvaccinated. In public hospitals by COVID-19, the proportion of people who have not been vaccinated is 71 percent.

    “Even today, hospitals are still a burden,” says Krooper. Thanks to vaccinations, hospitals are at a very high level. However, the exceptional situation affects hospital staff. “Due to staff failures, fewer IPS beds can be noticed.”

    The hospitals in Canton are now very well organized. The treatment of Kovit patients is very costly and involves a lot of effort.

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    The vaccine for children is coming in January 2022

    Peter Indira: “The vaccine for children will come to the Zurich region this year.” The people in the cantonment prepared for it from the beginning. Then you need to check the temperature of the vaccine. “However, we hope to be able to vaccinate children from January 3 onwards.” It has three EBP hospitals, a pediatric hospital, Uster and more than 50 medical practices.

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    The number of infections due to Omikron threatens to be even higher

    “With the Omikron variant, there is a risk of higher infection rates than ever before,” said Peter Indira, head of the health office. However, the question is how Omigran will affect patients – and hospitals.

    The vaccine against Omigran is less effective against the delta variant. Therefore the booster is important to increase vaccine protection.

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    Who can raise? “We will contact you”

    “We’ll contact them,” Rigley says, with the intent of who can already be elevated. People will be notified. The province of Zurich welcomes the reduction of the deadline to four months. Tomorrow, Wednesday, the zone will add additional dates for those with a five-month notice period. From January 1, anyone who was vaccinated four months ago can sign up for the booster vaccine. Reducing the time would be a bigger challenge for logistics, but additional vaccine benefits would be created.

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    One-third of those who have been fully vaccinated have already been raised

    Vaccination is important to maintain health care in Zurich. “About 1.1 million people in Zurich have already been vaccinated.” That means about 80 percent of people were able to get vaccinated. One-third of them have already been raised. This is also thanks to the vaccine offer. “There are more than 600 vaccine options in the Zurich region,” Rigley continues.

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    Rigley: “But I want to call you diligently”

    “It’s been almost two years since the corona epidemic – it’s not over yet,” says Natalie Rigley. This is a challenge for people. For those who have been vaccinated in advance. “But I want to invite you to wait.”

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    Natalie Rigley reports on booster vaccines in the Zurich region

    Government Councilor Natalie Rigley, Head of the Directorate of Health Dr. Medicine. Peter Indira, head of the health office and Jork Krooper, vice president of the health office and head of distribution planning.

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    Carnival in Solothurn and Arco was canceled or reduced in size

    In Solotern Carnival in 2022 will not be as usual. After 2021, those in charge will again cancel the two major moves. The Carnival Society said in a statement that the street festival could not be held due to the Corona situation and federal regulations.

    Nevertheless, there must be an official festival. Associations should hold exhibitions in the squares Solothurn is the old city And Guggenmusiken show there. Other events such as masked balls are possible – the responsibility of the organizers.

    In Olden The festival committee canceled the festival altogether. By this decision one wants to provide protection to the relevant groups, hence the President. Two months before the festival, they usually build cars and rehearse. Schnitzel banks in restaurants or small cases are possible if compliance rules are followed.

    More inside Arch Many major festival events have already been canceled, for example Brooke. In Wurlingling It has long been clear that there will be a Kugan-Open Air instead of a move. In Baton Is not yet officially decided. Festival people are looking for small alternatives as big events like the move are not allowed to happen.

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    Durgav will start vaccinating children in January

    In the province of Durgav, children can be vaccinated against the corona virus from January 5, 2022. State President Durgav announced that the vaccine from Pfizer / Biontech for 5 to 11 year olds will be delivered to Canton by the end of this year.

    A department for healthy children has been opened at the Vaccination Center in Weinfeldon. The record for vaccinating children has been announced since Wednesday Realism , The link opens in a new windowPossibility. Parental consent is a prerequisite for vaccinating a child.

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    Conclusion of the press conference

    Thanks for your interest, the press conference in Bern is over. Federal experts will provide information on the status of the epidemic next Tuesday.

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    Are children vaccinated enough?

    From the beginning of the year, children from 5 years of age can be vaccinated. A journalist would like to know if there is any deficiency in this vaccine, which is exclusively dosed. “The vaccine will be available in early January, and parents who want to vaccinate their children will get the vaccine,” says Christoph Berger, vaccine leader.

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    Mathys: “We need more IPS seats again”

    The number of hospital admissions has been declining since December 6, but the BAG insists that the pressure on hospitals remains high, a journalist says. How does it go together?

    “The decline in the number of cases is not huge. Considering the amount of time patients spend in wards, an increase in the number of people in hospitals is expected.

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    Are the new measures not having enough effect?

    A journalist asks if the current new measures are adequate. “It remains to be seen whether the measures will reduce the pressure on hospitals. More action may be needed, ”said Mathis of BAG.

    This step-by-step approach is only sensible – across Europe. You need to watch carefully and consistently how Omigron behaves.

  • 14:51

    Have health workers already been promoted?

    Is there a risk that health workers may not be available as they too may be affected by Omigran disease and have not yet been exacerbated?

    Mathis says he does not know any specific figures. “However, health workers are at risk of being affected by Omigran, which could lead to staff shortages in the wards.” Howry says you can also work with special safety equipment in isolation and as a final ration.

  • 14:48

    Why not recommend FFP2 Mask yet?

    Why not recommend FFP2 mask, such question, when Omikron is very contagious. BAG’s Patrick Mathis responds: “No general recommendation yet. Evaluations of foreign data show that the use of FFP2 masks did not have a significant impact on the course of the epidemic.

    However, there are definitely situations where wearing an FFP2 mask makes sense. However, it is important to use it correctly.

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    When will the number of cases increase again?

    “This year, the number of cases due to Omikron is expected to increase rapidly again. Long-term forecasts beyond January are not reliable, given the current level of knowledge about Omigran, ”responds BAG expert Patrick Mathis.