June 7, 2023

Columbus Post

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The Greens are bracing themselves against declining turnout. Their methods are becoming more and more frenzied

Given falling poll numbers, poor election results and endless corruption scandals, the Greens have every reason to be reflective and humbled. But still as He did Announced on May 15, 2023, some are already optimistic: if the forests burn soon, the situation may change again.

It would be wrong to dismiss such reports as the whispers of a misguided few. Because there is so much misdirection among the Greens that no one calls for moderation above all else.

Most of the wildfires in recent years have actually been caused by arson, and there have been numerous arrests of “activists” who wanted to stir up panic about climate change, particularly on the West Coast of the United States. In these cases, the disaster is actually “man-made” …

It is a misconception that such actions require a mastermind, a dark force pulling the strings in the background. Dictators have always been able to count on willing henchmen to “work” against them.

It is clear that only the various manifestations of Islamic terrorism do not require central control. A serious idea is enough.

If “activists” see their actions as morally justified, they cannot be stopped.

And the green foot soldiers never faltered in their arrogance of moral superiority.

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