April 15, 2024

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The car crashed into the walls of Windsor Castle


AgainMany injured: Car crashes at Windsor Castle

On Tuesday morning, the car crashed into the walls of the royal residence in Windsor. This is the second car accident around government buildings in a few days.

Gina Sergey
  • A Volvo crashed into the walls of Windsor Castle on Tuesday morning.

  • Two more vehicles were involved in the accident.

  • Many were injured.

A car crashed into the walls of Windsor Castle on Thames Street in southern England on Tuesday morning, three days after a small car crashed into Buckingham Palace.

A volvo was thrown against the outer wall of the royal residence. Two other vehicles were also damaged. Authorities closed the road around Windsor Castle in both directions.

Many people were injured in the accident. According to Royal Berksire Fire & Rescue Service RBFRS, five people received “immediate emergency treatment”.

A spokesman for Thames Valley Police told MailOnline: “Police were called to reports of a traffic collision on Thames Street, Windsor, shortly before eight this morning.” Finally around 11 am the vehicles were removed and the road was opened.

The Buckingham Palace incident

There was a commotion outside Buckingham Palace on Saturday night after a loud noise was heard. Armed police rushed to the spot, surrounded the driver of a private vehicle, knocked him to the ground and put his hands on his head. “Put your hands over your head,” shouted the officers.

An unidentified man drives his vehicle into the main entrance gates of the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London. The city police department said that an investigation is being conducted into the background of the incident.

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Shocking scenes at Westminster: A man kneeling on the ground with his hands up.


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