April 15, 2024

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New rain rule could worsen drought in Italy

New rain rule could worsen drought in Italy

One thing is clear: the situation is unlikely to really change with regard to climate change. All in all, according to Italian media reports, a new law will now make the situation even more difficult.

In particular, rainfall on beaches should include, among other things, potable water. The same applies to swimming pools. The decree applies to all water in contact with bathing establishments. This requirement should be implemented during summer.

Guest health is a major reason for change in regulations. It should clean the water for bathing.

The trade association Confesercenti is now sounding the alarm in an interview with “Il Messaggero” newspaper. “There is a risk of using too much water in the summer,” he explains. Accordingly, there has been a problem in supply.

The bathing establishment industry sees it the same way. Carlo Ricci from the Confartigianato Balneari Association warns that private homes will be particularly vulnerable to water shortages.

In addition to water shortages, the mandate from Prime Minister Georgia Meloni's government also brings practical problems. First, bathing establishments must have drinking water facilities. Ritchie explains: “Connecting to the water network is a complex matter.”

The schedule is tight. In many places, the bathing season actually starts on Easter, which is at the end of March. Accordingly, industry is proposing to defer implementation of this rule for one year.

However, as “Messagero” reports, the situation is not the same across Italy. For example, it is important in Tuscany, Calabria or Sicily.

In other regions, such as Emilia-Romagna, the new law is not a problem.

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