June 22, 2024

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The Bursat Turbo must be loosened +++ The long cove has been accumulating

Within a week of the vaccine being made mandatory in Austria, 17 percent of adults had not yet been fully vaccinated. However, 85,000 adults have been vaccinated for the first time in the past two weeks.

This is according to Health Ministry figures available to the APA news agency. Accordingly, 83 percent of people 18 years of age and older have received at least one vaccine. 80 percent have been fully vaccinated.

Mandatory vaccinations for Austrians over the age of 18 will be decided next week by the state chamber of parliament, the Bundesrat. The law must then be counter-signed by the federal head and published in the Federal Law Gazette, which means it will officially come into force. All of these are formal acts that, with regard to the matter in question, receive slightly more attention than usual.

The need to catch up is high when it comes to the Carinthia and Salzburg vaccines. In Carinthia, less than 78 percent of adults had a valid vaccination certificate on Friday.

It is followed by Salzburg with more than 78 per cent, Warlberg with 79 per cent, and Vienna and Tyrol with 80 per cent within the state average. In Styria, 81 percent of adults are vaccinated, 83 percent in Lower Austria and 86 percent in Bergenland.

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