July 23, 2024

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The boy (9) gets corona eye and becomes almost blind

The boy (9) gets corona eye and becomes almost blind

Jack from Bristol celebrated Christmas at the hospital. Reason: The corona is called the eye. Symptoms of corona virus leading to blindness.

Briefly essentials

  • Nine-year-old Jack Corona from Bristol has been diagnosed with the virus.
  • In response, he developed the so-called corona eye.
  • However, thanks to medical help, blindness can be prevented.

This is one of the many symptoms of corona virus: called corona eye. Beginning with conjunctivitis ends with inflammation of the conjunctiva or lymph nodes behind the ear.

Zach Morey, from Bristol, wants to experience firsthand how painful the most contagious type of conjunctivitis can be.

A nine-year-old boy was infected with the corona virus in mid-December. A few days later, his left eye became more and more swollen. “It seemed like it was going to explode,” he says Mom Angela, 37, told the British daily Mirror.

The pain was so bad on Christmas Eve that Jack had to rush to the hospital. “The doctors there told me it was an allergic reaction to the virus,” he explains Mom Angela. Often only children are affected.

Corona completely destroys eye sight

Particularly explosive: Corona can lead to eye blindness. Meanwhile Jack has also lost the sight of his left eye.

However the eye was able to recover through medical treatment. Fortunately, today Jack looks back on his corona infection just like before.

His story is still a warning call to many parents – and even to the English Government. Because Great Britain registered New registration numbers every dayWithout taking any further action.

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