July 24, 2024

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That’s how it is for me at the ladies gym

That’s how it is for me at the ladies gym

A transgender man was recently denied entry into a women’s gym in Germany. Even in Switzerland, victims are not welcome everywhere.

Trans women also feel safe in gyms where men have to stay outside. (thumbnail) – pexels

The essentials in a nutshell

  • Women’s gyms offer a protected space for training.
  • Men should be out here. Some of them are trans women too, it was recently shown.
  • A disabled woman from Zurich makes her own rules during training – for self-defense.

There are many reasons why women come to gyms. So-called “ladies’ gyms” offer a protected space for your training. Men don’t stare at them or flirt with them without asking. But as these women’s fitness centers continue to grow in popularity, one question remains: Are all types of women welcome?

The debate erupted after a recent incident in Germany caused a stir. A lady’s gym there refused to admit a transgender person. Among other things, it’s about her having a penis. She suggested that she only go to the training area and not to the changing rooms.

Elena H.* is a transsexual and a woman in Zurich who goes to the gym. She has also experienced that transgender people are not welcome everywhere. So as not to offend, she explains some of her own rules in women’s fitness.

“I’m taking a shower at home”

Fearing backlash, the 30-year-old doesn’t want to publicly reveal her identity or her gym. “But I did everything right according to the rules,” he insists.

Also: “My ID says “female”.” In Switzerland, any person can change their gender entry if they believe they belong to the opposite sex.

For this reason, he believes his gym has had no problems to date. Still, she is cautious. “For example, I don’t change my clothes at the gym — I come in my training clothes. Then I shower at home.

On the one hand, he cares about the girls who train next to him, and on the other hand, he cares about self-defense. “I want other women to feel safe around me,” she says. “I do it so my reception doesn’t suffer.”

“I’m sure people have their guesses.”

Elena H. She doesn’t know how many members of her gym know — or even suspect — that she’s transgender. A 30-year-old is significantly taller than the average biological woman. Slim yet portable structured and flat chest.

“I’m sure people have their doubts,” he says. “But I was not asked directly by the staff or other members. And I have never given information without being asked.


Should transgender women be allowed to train in lady gyms?

Elena H. He wants to leave it. “I can live by ‘don’t ask, don’t tell,'” he says. A male-only gym may not be an option for her.

“I consider myself lucky,” Elena H. continued. “Not every woman is welcome everywhere. I generally don’t know of any other alternative people whose motives are accepted everywhere without question.”


Do you need help?

The LGBTIQ Helpline can help you on 0800 133 133 or by email at [email protected].

*Name changed by editors