July 24, 2024

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Subtype AY.4.2 has already been detected in Switzerland

Subtype AY.4.2 has already been detected in Switzerland

A new variant of the corona virus is emerging in the UK. The delta subtype “AY.4.2” is also on the rise in Switzerland.

Summarize the essentials

  • In Great Britain, the delta variant “AY.4.2” is spreading fast.
  • There have also been isolated cases of these corona subspecies so far in this country.
  • As the BAG says, the vaccine should work well against the sub-variant.

British authorities announced 223 corona virus-related deaths on Tuesday. In addition, 50,000 new people have been affected. Covit numbers Currently skyrocketing in the UK.

It is the new strains of the virus that are worrying the British as well. The Government See AY.4.2 Variation “Very precisely,” the prime minister’s spokesman said Boris Johnson Tuesday.

The variation was already there Denmark, Russia and the United States Proved.

What is in mutation?

Many questions about the new variant are still open. According to the British Wellcome Sanker Institute, the AY.4.2 variant accounts for ten percent of all Govt cases.

Researchers believe the new subspecies is more contagious than the original delta type. British experts believe that the “Delta Plus” is less likely to prevail than the original Delta type.

Corona virus: already a subtype in Switzerland

“Delta Plus” also entered Switzerland, as announced by the Federal Office of Public Health on request. “Some cases with AY.4.2 have been identified in Switzerland since early September,” a BAG media spokesman said.

The rapid spread in the UK depends on random factors, spokesman Nau.ch said. These can be exacerbated by social, demographic or local or regional eruptions.

“Current findings are no reason to re-evaluate the epidemiological situation.” Virus types are always evaluated in collaboration with experts from international organizations.

Vaccine protection is still guaranteed

But do common vaccines against the corona virus provide adequate protection against “Delta Plus”? “There is no evidence that approved vaccines against these subtypes are less effective,” says FOPH.

Have you already been vaccinated a second time?

Currently the sub variant is considered to have the same protection effect as the regular delta variant.

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