May 26, 2024

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Rene Benko says he “depends on his mother”.


Court dateBankrupt Rene Benko complains of being “dependent on his mother”.

On Wednesday, ex-billionaire René Benko (46) made an unexpected appearance at a court in Innsbruck. He revealed that he was penniless.

  • Cigna founder Rene Beno was due to appear in court in Innsbruck on Wednesday.

  • He should disclose his financial position. Petitions against him were also examined.

  • Benko remained silent – and made it known through his lawyer that he was penniless.

The first examination session at the regional court in Innsbruck began with a big surprise on Wednesday after bankruptcy proceedings against Cigna founder René Benko's assets were launched in March. Because René Benko – contrary to all expectations – actually appeared in court. Now the details from the courtroom have become public.

Focus assets

The meeting is about what claims his creditors have on Benko and what assets he still has. So far, a total of 30 victims have claimed a total of two billion euros in these bankruptcy proceedings. According to Creditor Protection Association KSV1870, most claims come from borrowers of Cigna affiliates.

Bankruptcy administrator Andreas Grabenweger has been examining these claims in recent weeks and announced at the Innsbruck Regional Court on Wednesday that creditors' claims of around 47 million euros had been approved. However, the remaining registered claim amount of around 1.95 billion euros is disputed. According to the Credit Protection Association's estimate of 1870, the amount of debts identified during these bankruptcy proceedings is likely to change significantly.

Benko remained silent in court

René Benko surprisingly appeared with his lawyer Georg Eggert to examine the claims filed at the Innsbruck Regional Court. He answered questions posed to Bengo, Bengo remained silent, “Bild” learned from an insider. The court hearing took place behind closed doors.

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Answering questions from the court, Eckert said Benko had no vehicles or artwork in his possession. He also appears largely penniless in other ways: according to Puls24, Benko had already announced early that he was “dependent on his mother”. In advance, Benko created a list of properties, which, according to the report, was supplemented several times. “It is not clear from this directory: what belongs to Benko, what belongs to his wife and what belongs to his foundation,” the insider “Build” continued.

Where did the millions disappear?

The court in Innsbruck not only earned between 200,000 and 300,000 euros annually as a “consultant” for Benco Cigna companies, but also received double-digit million loans from the Cigna Group in recent years. He has to explain to the court where the money he has earned in recent years has gone.

On May 22, he will have the opportunity to comment publicly for the first time on the wave of Cigna companies' bankruptcies. Later that day, Bengo will appear as a witness before a parliamentary inquiry committee, his lawyer told a German press agency. The group is closely monitoring the alleged prioritization of large entrepreneurs such as Benko by the conservative ÖVP chancellor.

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