June 18, 2024

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Putin withdraws his warplanes from Crimea

Putin withdraws his warplanes from Crimea

According to a NATO report, President Vladimir Putin has already withdrawn ten fighter jets from Crimea, fearing Ukrainian attacks in the war in Ukraine.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • According to the NATO statement, Putin must withdraw all warplanes from Crimea.
  • Ten aircraft are already on the ground – the rest of the air force will soon follow.
  • There have been three notable attacks on military bases in the peninsula in recent times.

Vladimir Putin Panic has set in over the war in Ukraine. The Russian president now has all the fighter jets From the Crimean Peninsula Peeled off, as if from one NATOThe report comes out.

Confidential documents received by “Dinamani” newspaper since last Monday. The aggressor is said to have already sent ten of its powerful fighter jets — six Su-35S and four MiG-31BM — to the ground.

die NATO Assuming the rest of the puddings Air Force To be followed in the coming days. A Western official told the newspaper: “Ukraine is now constantly creating dynamic effects behind Russian borders.”

The incidents could have a material impact on Russia’s logistical support, the official said. “More importantly, they have a significant psychological impact on the Russian leadership.”

Attacks in Crimea in the Ukraine War

Attacks in Crimea show Russian vulnerability in Ukraine conflict But the The ability of UkrainiansAttack deep behind the enemy.

Is Russian Defeat in Ukraine War Realistic?

The last few weeks have been Three notable attacks: One of the headquarters of the famous Russian Black Sea Fleet at Sevastopol, an air base at Sagi and an ammunition depot at Zhankoy.

Kyiv has not officially claimed responsibility for the attacks. Several sources, including some Ukrainian officials, have suggested that their special forces may be behind the bombings.

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