June 22, 2024

Columbus Post

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Putin wants to freeze Ukraine


Current Russian attacks, like the one here in Lviv, are mainly aimed at Ukrainian electricity infrastructure.

With the second winter of war fast approaching, Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, 70, is creating icy realities in Ukraine. Heavy Russian airstrikes have hit around 30 percent of Ukrainian energy infrastructure since Monday, according to reports from Kyiv. It was the first time Russia had “dramatically targeted” energy infrastructure since the start of the war in late February, Ukrainian Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko, 49, told US broadcaster CNN on Tuesday.

In the Ukrainian capital Kiev, temperatures sometimes drop below five degrees at night, while in Donetsk, the capital of the separatist region of the same name, nighttime temperatures are currently only two degrees – and power outages due to Russian. Shelling power plants, that’s for Ukrainians.