April 15, 2024

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Predicts his downfall in 2024

Predicts his downfall in 2024

Vladimir Putin faces bleak prospects in 2024. At least that's what Vangelia Bandeva Kushterova predicted. The late astrologer also known as Baba Vanga was of great fame. “Kronen Zeitung” reports that Russia's president saw her as the future victim of a fellow countryman's assassination attempt.

This prediction is especially explosive during the current conflict on the Russian-Ukrainian border and the terrorist attack near Moscow. Why Baba Vanga contacted Vladimir Putin is not clear. At the time of his death in 1996, he was only a minor deputy mayor of St. Petersburg.

But the Bulgarian clairvoyant has already correctly predicted some global events. For example, the death of Princess Diana and the September 11 terrorist attacks. She realizes what power Putin has.

However, Baba Vanga's worst prediction for Putin is not what he predicted in 2024. He warned of an increase in terrorist attacks in Europe, as well as biological weapons tests or “big country” attacks. He also sees the global economy at risk due to rising debts and geopolitical tensions.

Natural disasters and extreme weather events are expected to increase. Cyber ​​attacks on critical infrastructure such as power grids and water treatment plants. These are said to continue to pose a threat to national security.

But: not all is bad about Baba Vanga's visions. He also sees the emergence of new treatments for previously incurable diseases such as Alzheimer's and cancer. She also predicts a breakthrough in quantum computing.