July 23, 2024

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Oppression in Iran – Iranian Mullahs Fear Women – News

Oppression in Iran – Iranian Mullahs Fear Women – News

The Iranian woman’s death has been making headlines for months. Repression Continues, Reveals UN Fact-Finding Mission

The Iranian regime shies away from transparency: local journalists are under pressure and many are in prison. Foreign journalists are allowed only with dupatta.

“The real motive is purely politically motivated”

The mullahs refuse to cooperate with United Nations (UNO) human rights officials. The country has not even been granted access to the newly created fact-finding mission of the UN Human Rights Council.

UN Iran’s representative, Iranian Human Rights Council Secretary-General Qasim Gharib Abadi, complained that the work was “completely politically motivated and unacceptable”.

His insistence at the UN Human Rights Council that “the protection and promotion of human rights is the exclusive task of a state” seemed utterly cynical.

The execution engine is running at full speed

Instead, Tehran has been hurting 22-year-old Zina Mahza Amini even more bluntly since protests erupted against her murder. The Iranian execution machine is in full swing. Hundreds of people have been killed since January.

Added to this are tens of thousands of arbitrary arrests, sexual violence, torture and ill-treatment. Sarah Hossain, head of the UN fact-finding mission, says many people have simply disappeared by security forces.

Confessions are coerced and women who speak out are expelled from universities. Shops that do not strictly follow the dress code should be closed down. Hossain complains that under these circumstances it is not surprising that the relatives of the young woman’s relatives completely ignore justice.

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Fear of women

No one involved in the murder will be tried; In fact, the procedures for the same have not even been initiated. Zina Mahza Amini’s allegation was only for violating dress and veil rules.

Iran’s rulers fear the women’s uprising more than any previous opposition – and are more ruthless and brutal. And they claim that women are not peaceful and are armed terrorists.


Women lead prayers in a mosque in Tehran.

Reuters / Majid Askaripour

They repeat an argument that repressive regimes always use when they face opposition at home: the West is behind it.

The debate at the UN Human Rights Council was distasteful but somehow sterile: authoritarian regimes stood firmly behind Iran. In some cases like this the UNO takes a close look, but does not care about human rights violations in Western countries.

Pressure on the Tehran government eases

Democracies have strongly criticized the Iranian leadership and called for an end to human rights abuses. Additionally, Tehran must finally cooperate with the UN fact-finding mission.

However, UNO mission chief Sarah Hossein emphasized that Iran’s protests have largely disappeared from the international news.

It means: Iran’s women are on their own. Now that Western pressure on the Tehran regime is easing, some still believe that the nuclear deal with Iran can somehow be saved.