May 26, 2024

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Northern Lights in the Swiss Night Sky – 20 minutes


Natural sceneryAgain: The beautiful northern lights shine in the night sky

The northern lights were already visible in the night sky from Friday to Saturday in Switzerland. This scene was repeated from Saturday to Sunday.

Florian Osterwalter
  • The Sun is currently very active.

  • There have been several explosions on the surface of the Sun this week, sending particles flying towards Earth.

  • These come in the form of solar storms, which is why the northern lights were visible on Friday.

The Northern Lights once again shone in the Swiss night sky on Saturday. Countless readers have been enthralled by the scenery. According to the forecast, the lights should become stronger in two hours.

That’s why we can see the northern lights

Northern lights are seen in Switzerland thanks to solar storms. Sunspots appear in an eleven-year cycle. As the cycle nears its peak—that is, when the number of sunspots increases—so-called coronal mass ejections (CME) occur more frequently. CMEs are explosions that eject particles from the Sun into space.

The peak of the Sun’s current cycle is expected in 2025. Currently, the activity of the Sun has increased significantly, and four CMEs have been observed this week, which will hit the Earth by the end of the week. When charged particles enter the Earth’s magnetic field, a geomagnetic solar storm forms.

However, strong solar storms can also cause undesirable effects such as failures of power or communication networks or satellites. However, this should not happen over the weekend, as these effects are feared only from the G5 onwards.

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