April 15, 2024

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Nikolai (55) mourns his brother and his family


Stop at Crocus“I'm broken”: Nikolai lost his brother and family

Married couple Igor and Anna Figurin were among the victims of the terror attack in Moscow. Igor's brother Nikolai (55) tells his story on the Perek stage.

Felix Draper
  • Nikolai (55) from Russia lost his brother and his family in the Moscow attack.

  • Perek told a journalist from the stage how he received the terrible news.

  • Now he hopes that at least his niece Zlata (16) will survive. Nikolai had no idea of ​​their whereabouts.

“I have not only lost a brother but also a family. His whole family died: his wife Anna and his daughter Zlata, about whom we still do not know – where she is, what happened to her. But we know they were together. Because another relative of ours survived everything.

With these words begins a statement given to a journalist from the Perek platform by Nikolai Figurin (55) from Krasnodar. In the shocking document, Nikolai says he lost not only his brother Igor but also his sister-in-law Anna in the attack. There is currently no trace of his 16-year-old niece Zlata.

“I don't know how my father will survive this.”

“They only went to the concert because my brother's wife's relatives came: some from Orenburg, others from the region. We left in good company. Thank God Anna's relatives survived. There is nothing wrong with them – they could have reacted in time.

“It was a very strong, good family. They loved each other, they understood each other.” Igor's wife, who was very ill, told Anna's father about his death. “I don't know how he's getting through it. I'll see him in person soon. I hope he's alive. He loved his daughter and granddaughter – he only lived for them.

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“He was always afraid of losing Anna”

“Igor … first of all, he is a man. A man with a capital who has gone through his own difficult journey. Our mother gave birth to him in very difficult contractions: he weighed more than five kilograms. Our old medicine could not help him – so his right hand did not develop. .And the man made himself, completely by himself! We came from a simple working-class family, originally from Pokro. Mother looked up to him – she knew he would be a smart man. That's why he became a lawyer.

“Igor loved nature, loved and respected his wife. Igor was looking for her for a very long time. It was difficult for us, even with him – he was very worried and always afraid of losing her. They had a very beautiful marriage.”

Daughter Zlata wanted to be a doctor

Nikolai also tells about Igor's daughter. “Zlata was 16 years old. Excellent student, smart. The only child in the family. That's what they called her – so she lived up to her name. She was just smart. The girl my children expected,” said Nikolai. “She wanted to be a doctor.”

«We – I mean Russia – we lost … We are all fighting here for the birth rate, for some family foundations. But you understand that we have lost not only a whole family, but an exemplary family. A family of wonderful people. My brother deserves this life more than me. I said to God, 'Take me! Let it be a bug! Let someone live – at least one in this family.”

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“Last night I collapsed”

“When the examiner spoke to me, ​​​​my heart was torn from my chest. I tore my hair. I was a 55-year-old man who went to the Northern Military District, he saw enough in his life, it seemed to me, not broken. But tonight I collapsed. Broken.”

He still has no word from the authorities on Zlata's whereabouts – and hopes she will survive: “They haven't said anything about Zlata yet. My brother somehow dumped her somewhere… I don't know.

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