April 15, 2024

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60 minutes for climate protection


Earth timeThe world turns off its lights for an hour

Lights up for climate protection: Lights out around the world on Saturday for “Earth Hour.” Swiss communities were also in the dark.

  • The 18th edition of the “Earth Hour” campaign took place yesterday.

  • Lights around the world will be turned off for 60 minutes.

  • In addition to numerous displays, Swiss communities also participated in the campaign.

On Saturday evening, the lights went out at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate, Cologne Cathedral and many other places around the world: during “Earth Time” – Earth Hour – they no longer light up for 60 minutes. Among others, the world-famous Sydney Opera House in Australia, the skyscrapers around Marina Bay in Singapore and Niagara Falls in the US and the top of the famous Empire State Building in New York were plunged into darkness. Through this campaign, the environmental protection organization WWF sets an example for greater climate protection every year.

This year, the organization in Germany was also concerned about the political environment. “Current times are tense. Crises, conflicts and wars keep people very busy,” explained WWF Germany's head of climate, Vivienne Radatz, before the campaign. , standing up for democracy.” It's about opposing the shift to the right and denial about climate catastrophes.

In many cities around the world the lights went out, not only in the sights, but also in many buildings. According to WWF Switzerland, more than 25 Swiss communities, such as Basel, Freiburg and Locarno, took part in the day of action and switched off the lights on the signs. Companies also took part, so the lights went out for an hour at UBS Bank on Paradeplatz in Zurich.

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According to WWF, everyone can support the climate before the campaign, except for an hour without electricity: from March 1, the foundation counts every hour people spend working for climate or democracy. Hour Bank”. There are various activities such as cleaning the neighborhood, eco-friendly cooking or laundry.

“Earth Hour” has been well received all over the world

“Getting involved is critical if we want to raise awareness of environmental challenges and reverse the curve of biodiversity loss by 2030,” said WWF Director General Kirsten Schuijt in advance. to contribute. Earth Hour is now more than just turning off the lights, writes WWF Australia.

The Global Climate and Environmental Protection Campaign was launched by WWF in Australia in 2007 – as a symbol of humanity's need to take better care of the Earth. This year marks the 18th time Earth Hour has been held. According to WWF, Earth Hour is now celebrated on all continents.

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