June 15, 2024

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New Video Shows Kidnapping of Israeli Women

New Video Shows Kidnapping of Israeli Women

For more than seven months, there has been no sign of dozens of Hamas hostages. Several hostage negotiations failed. Relatives have released a new abduction video to pressure the government.

28.05.2024, 16:5228.05.2024, 16:56

Hamas supporters push women against the wall. The women’s hands are tied, their faces distorted in fear and covered in blood.

One says with a trembling voice: “I have friends in Palestine.” “Does anyone speak English?” asks another.

“Keep calm,” shouts a member of the Hamas militant in a shrill tone. Another shouts: “Our brothers died because of you, I will shoot you all.”

While some make death threats, an armed Hamas member intimidates a woman by complimenting her on “you’re beautiful.”

This is footage from a newly released video of young Israeli women kidnapped near the Gaza Strip during a Hamas attack on October 7, 2023. The launch was part of a Hamas offensive that killed nearly 1,200 people — and kidnapped more than 250.

There are still no signs of the rescue of some of the hostages in the Gaza Strip by the Israeli army (IDF).

An excerpt from the video.Image: zvg by IDF

The edited videos were recorded by Hamas and sent to the families of the hostages. Relatives have come together and decided to release the videos to put pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Several hostage negotiations have failed in recent months. There have been repeated large demonstrations in Israel demanding the immediate release of the hostages.

Video Edited by the Israeli military, some violent scenes were cut.

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One of the women abducted in the video, 19-year-old Karina Ariv, was plucked from bed with Kalashnikovs by Hamas supporters – and abducted in her Snoopy pyjamas.

Karin Areev, wearing snoopy pants, sits on the ground with a head injury.

Karin Areev, wearing snoopy pants, sits on the ground with a head injury.Image: zvg by IDF

His sister Sasha has spoken about the kidnapping in more than 200 interviews. The family did not want to release the footage. But now, more than seven months after being held hostage, she decided to do it anyway. Opposite “DailyMail” Sasha says:

“We wanted people to see and feel the pain we feel every day.”

The Ariev family, parents Albert and Ira and their daughter Sasha, hold a portrait of young soldier Karina Ariev at their family home in Jerusalem, Sunday, Oct. 29, 2023.  Ariev, an Israeli soldier ...

The family of abducted Karina Ariv. Build: Keystone

The 24-year-old student has put her neurology studies on hold to raise awareness and put pressure on the government. “I haven’t cried in months. I don’t have time for that. “I’m doing everything I can to save my sister and the other hostages,” Sasha said. She didn’t have a minute to cover up and cry. “The only time I let myself cry is when my sister comes back,” says Sasha.


Attack on Israel


Attack on Israel

On the morning of October 7, 2023, the terrorist group Hamas launched a large-scale attack on numerous targets in Israel. It was the largest massacre of Jews since the end of World War II.

Quelle: Keystone / Abir Sultan

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