June 15, 2024

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A gang of wild chickens invades an English village


Snettisham, NorfolkA gang of 100 wild chickens terrorizes an English village

An English village has hit the headlines: a troop of about 100 free-roaming chickens is making a lot of noise and damaging gardens.

  • An English village is famous for its large number of wild chickens.

  • While some appreciate it, other residents are bothered by the noise and dig up their gardens.

  • The municipality is now checking what can be done with experts.

For some, life in Snettisham, a village of 2,300 people in Norfolk County on the island’s east coast, has become “hell,” a British newspaper quoted a resident as saying. The reason is that the large population of free-roaming chickens move in flocks through the countryside, doing what chickens love to do: they chow, crow, leave droppings, and dig through grasslands in search of grain and food. We are talking about 100 animals.

Chickens, which have chosen the nearby forest as their habitat, are a thorn in the side of many. Local councilor Rod Mackenzie said: “They are a nuisance. When they come into your garden, they dig up everything. It’s not just food for the chickens, but every piece of trash they find, it brings rats.”

As a result, rats multiply “like hell”. According to press reports, other chickens in the area may now be “disposed of”. Additionally, the constant yelling keeps many residents awake at night. Last but not least, the animals attract visitors who feed the chickens, adding to the problem.

The community called in experts to help

Meanwhile, society tries to keep the ball rolling. On that day Social website It read: “Contrary to reports in the Eastern Daily Press and the Guardian, we are not threatening to evict or remove the chickens. We are taking advice from experts from various sources and a fresh start for chickens is one… We have also invited villagers to a meeting to discuss the chicken issue to get public opinion. Only when we have all the information will the Parish Council decide whether to make a decision.

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The traditionally animal-loving Brits have many advocates for chickens. Graeme McQuade, 43, who moved from Cambridge and has lived in one of the affected streets for 18 months, said: “I’ve never had a problem with chickens. “We didn’t know the chickens were up at four in the morning before we moved in here, but it gives the place that much.”

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