July 24, 2024

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New motorcycle tactics often lead to disaster

New motorcycle tactics often lead to disaster

Russia is adopting a new strategy for its troops in Ukraine. (thumbnail)Build: Imago Images / Itar-Toss

Anna von Steffenelli / watson.de

Both Russia and Ukraine are suffering huge losses in Ukraine war. Sometimes many soldiers have to give their lives for small gains in land. Russia often uses its biggest advantage in its attacks: numerical superiority. During the “wave attacks”, large numbers of soldiers are sent to Ukrainian positions. The Ukrainian army reportedly withdrew from the Kanal district during the recent fighting in the town of Chasiv Yar.

During the war, the armies of both sides constantly use new methods to counter their enemies. Kyiv, for example, is currently using drones extensively. Kremlin ruler Vladimir Putin’s forces are a problem because they cause high casualties. Moscow is now openly reacting to the Ukrainian security strategy with motorcycle tactics.

Ukraine: Pictures of soldiers riding motorcycles can be found on Telegram.

Pictures of players on motorcycles can be found on Telegram.Photo: Telegram / yujin_mamedov

Ukraine War: Video Shows Russian Soldiers With Motorcycles

On the Russian TV channel NTW Reporter Sergey Bigulin proudly reported that Russian troops had captured the village of Staromazhorskoye in the Donetsk region. Bigulin explained: “The enemy thought that the Russians would attack head-on and with heavy equipment. But in the fog, the Ukrainians did not notice how our fighters on motorcycles appeared behind their backs.

A Russian soldier, masked and showing Ukrainian military badges as trophies, confirmed: “The opponent has no time to react.” The camera then showed his black and green motorcycle.

Recently, Russian and Ukrainian Telegram channels have seen an increase in footage of Russian soldiers on motorcycles.Spiegel» is reported. These images illustrate the new, selective operational tactic of the Russian military. Russian troops are using motorcycles and quads to try to gain ground and minimize their own losses.

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Russia’s Motorcycle Tricks: Expert Explains Background

According to the report, the sequence of these attacks follows a standard pattern: First, Russian artillery hits Ukrainian positions to force the enemy to retreat. Later, Russian fighters on motorcycles, backed by drones and artillery, quickly and unhindered attacked the abandoned positions.

Russia is retaliating for Ukraine’s security with this tactic. Independent military expert Valery Shiryayev explains «Spiegel»: «In the foreground, two drones are chasing a soldier. Among the important sections of the front, there are four or more. This fact makes storm attacks very difficult. “No one can cover the distance to the enemy position on foot,” he says.

Armored vehicles are also an easy target for drones, Shiryayev explains. A hit usually means the death of all the residents. Motorcycles, on the other hand, allow players to be better distributed across the field. For this reason, quads and buggies are also used. Late last year, the Kremlin bought thousands of Chinese desert cross off-road vehicles, which at first glance resemble golf carts.

Motorcycles are inappropriate: Experts criticize use in Ukraine war

Russia uses motorcycles not only for offensive operations, but also for supply, evacuation and transport. According to the report, a video on Telegram shows a Russian soldier on a motorcycle bringing water and ammunition to his comrades. He carries the wounded man and immediately goes back. The entire process takes less than 30 seconds.

Russia uses motorcycles not only for offensive operations, but also for transportation.

Russia uses motorcycles not only for offensive operations, but also for transportation.Photo: Telegram / yujin_mamedov

However: “Motorcycles are not a substitute for heavy equipment, but a supplement”, Valeriy Shiryayev emphasizes. Soldiers on motorcycles are vulnerable and vulnerable to enemy fire, often with disastrous consequences.

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Ruslan Leviev, head of the Conflict Investigation Committee (CIT), also commented critically on YouTube about motorcycle attacks, according to “Spiegel”: “That’s ridiculous. A motorcycle is totally unfit for combat missions. He cited difficulties with rough terrain and engine noise, making it impossible to hear the drones.

In Telegram channel "Eugene_Mamedov" There are images of motorcycles in battle.

In the Telegram channel “Yujin_mamedov” you can see pictures of motorcycles in battle.Photo: Telegram / yujin_mamedov

The US also used motorcycles during the war in Afghanistan, which began in 2001, but made silent versions. These machines are better suited for hilly terrain than the flat Donbass. There are also divided opinions among pro-Russian war bloggers. While some hailed the “new trend”, others described the orders as “criminal” and “unprofessional”. Despite heavy losses, survivors often reach enemy positions, which is considered a victory.

Ukraine War: Some Soldiers Pay for Motorcycles Themselves

The Russian army is not equipped with motorcycles by the Ministry of Defense, but by volunteers. Soldiers often buy vehicles from their own pockets. According to “Spiegel”, a regional media from Belgorod recently reported about a stolen motorcycle.

The most commonly used are Chinese motocross motorcycles, which cost around 1500 euros and are not subject to restrictions. Some are additionally equipped with anti-drone systems or metal plates.

The number of calls to donate motorcycles increased last month. “Spiegel” found a dozen ads on Telegram asking for financing for 70 vehicles. Military expert Shiryayev predicted that motorcycles at the front “will become a mass phenomenon.”

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